Prior to each harvest, individual ponds undergo quality testing to ensure that every fish meets our strict standards. Skilled craftsmen carefully harvest the fish on a daily basis.


Our tilapia processing takes place in state-of-the-art facilities that adhere to governmental and non-governmental good manufacturing practices (GMP) and food safety guidelines.

Throughout every stage during tilapia processing; time and temperature are the key drivers for freshness and quality. Our fish arrive at the plant on a continuous basis throughout the day allowing us to maintain an even and expedited process flow. Thanks to a finely-tuned process, expertly trained staff and healthy fish, it is not necessary for us to use preservatives, carbon monoxide or additives at any stage of processing.

Traceability is a key component for managing food safety. Our tilapia are monitored every step of the way – hatched, raised, harvested, processed and shipped under controlled lots which enable us to track each individual fish’s journey.

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