Shrimp, the most popular seafood in the world!

With over 30 years of farming experience, Tropical’s shrimp farm, Chanduy (chän-dwe), produces nearly 8 millions pounds of the freshest and most delicious white shrimp on the market each year.


Chanduy is located on the western coast of Ecuador, in an area renowned for producing world-class shrimp. Due to the location, our ponds are constantly replenished with fresh tidal seawater, which contributes to a more natural habitat and results in a uniquely succulent and sweet flavor.

Our farm comprises over 1,400 hectares (3,500 acres), allowing us to raise our shrimp in low-densities to avoid overcrowding and promote good health.

Chanduy was a pioneer in larval culture. Our shrimp producers were the first ones in Ecuador to develop an integrated reproduction program for crustacean larvae and eliminated the capture of wild larvae for shrimp production. Today, Chanduy uses solely cultured animals for shrimp farming; allowing them to maintain a healthy stock while reducing the risk of introduced outside parasites.

Chanduy's closed reproduction program was the first of many steps towards achieving a healthy, reliable and sustainable shrimp production long-term. We do not use antibiotics, growth hormones or mammal proteins during production. Tropical brand shrimp are all natural.


Throughout the entire process we control the temperature of the shrimp to ensure the safest product for you. Being a vertically integrated organization, we guarantee complete traceability every step of the way – from our hatchery to your grocer.

Tropical’s shrimp arrives 7 days a week within 24-hours of harvest. We promise that our fresh shrimp will be a truly unique culinary experience.