With only a few days away from the Seafood Expo North America, we are very excited to announce that our partner shrimp producer, Industrial Pesquera Santa Priscila S.A. (IPSP) is scheduled to receive Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification at its shrimp farms next week! Their farms will be among the first in Ecuador to attainĀ ASC certification, leading the industry in the right direction!

Since 1976 IPSP has known the importance of caring for the environment, the social community and the social conditions of its workers and their immediate surroundings. The ASC label reinforces what they have already been doing.

Chanduy farm, the production site for Tropical's Blue Foot White Shrimp, is located on the Ecuadorian coastline in the area of San Antonio in the province of Santa Elena.

The ASC standards ensure that shrimp production occurs sustainably and in a way that benefits producers, and consumers while limiting their impact on the environment. They also adhere to guidelines that promote the social conditions of workers and their surrounding communities. It should be noted that, while the ASC manages the standard and certification process, they do not certify the farms themselves; this is done by third-party certifying bodies.

Chanduy was visited by two auditors from the Control Union Peru SAC certification body at the end of 2014 with the aim to meet with several members of the workforce to verify each one of the ASC standard's criteria.

To complement the farm's ASC certification audit, an audit was also carried out at the two IPSP processing plants to verify compliance to the Marine Stewardship Council's (MSC) Chain of Custody Standard for processing plants. The Chain of Custody Standard carries a set of technical and administrative requirements for the processing and handling of certified sustainable products at every stage of the supply chain. Chain of Custody Certification assures that ASC certified seafood has indeed originated from a farmer certified against the ASC standard.

Along with ASC certification for Chanduy, it is expected that Chain of Custody certification be granted in March.

Blue Foot White Shrimp are eco-friendly, delicious and always fresh.

Blue Foot White Shrimp is recognized for its unique succulent, sweet flavor and crisp texture. The shrimp are constantly harvested, processed and flown fresh, directly into major US ports in less than 24 hours of harvest - it doesn't get any fresher!

For every pound of Blue Foot White Shrimp sold, we make a donation to the Charles Darwin Foundation for the conservation of Ecuador's Galapagos Islands.

In order to bring you a year-round supply of fresh Organic salmon, we work with premium, organic certified farms that are strategically located in multiple locations. This month, we will begin offering fresh Organic Salmon produced in Shetland.

Shetland, also called the Shetland Islands, is a subarctic archipelago of Scotland and lies northeast of the Island of Great Britain. Here, the fast-flowing clear water not only maintains a clean seabed, but also allows a natural habitat for salmon to swim against the tide, developing the strongest and healthier of fish.

Our Scottish Organic Salmon is produced by the largest salmon production company in Sheltland with 23-active growout licenses. All rearing, processing and packaging standards are certified by the Organic Food Federation, Naturland and Freedom Foods.

When raising an Organic Scottish Salmon, priority is given to the health and wellbeing of each fish and to the farm's surrounding environment.

Each fish is fed an organic certified diet that contains:
  • No synthetically produced pigments
  • Fishmeal produced from the off-cuts of sustainable fishers for human consumption
  • Vegetable ingredients that are of Organic origin only
  • Lower oil levels than conventional feed, leading to a slower growing, leaner fish
  • Vitamins and minerals from natural origins

The salmon are raised in a low-density environment fully exposed to strong ocean currents. The stocking density in the net pens is 10 kilograms per m3 rather than the industry standard of 20 kilograms per m3.

Growing conditions comply with strict quality control and safety standards as well as complete traceability from egg to plate. With three-weekly harvests, Organic Salmon from Shetland arrives fresh into JFK and is immediately distributed throughout the East Coast - allowing absolute freshness and optimum quality.

Scottish Organic Salmon is available in 20 Lbs. boxes. Click here for product specifications.