Tropical Aquaculture is proud to announce that our partner producer, GeneSeas Aquacultura Ltda., has become the first aquaculture company in Brazil to obtain Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification by the Global Aquaculture Alliance. GeneSeas’ farm and production plant, located along the Paraná River, near the western edge of São Paulo, Brazil, received this certification on September 12th.

The tilapia producer has been working diligently over the past few months to achieve this certification. CEO Breno Davis states, “We are honored to be the first company in Brazil to receive such an important certification that assures GeneSeas’ commitment with the best global practices in aquaculture and the development of the region where we are located, the most important tilapia producers in Brazil.” This achievement perfectly aligns with GeneSeas’ vision to provide their customers with the highest quality product while maintaining a dedicated commitment to environmental sustainability.

Founded in 2001, GeneSeas prides itself on its Brazilian heritage and dedication to responsible farming. As majority owners of their Brazilian feed company, GeneSeas is able to ensure sustainable, responsible farming practices throughout every aspect of their operations. Utilizing a low-density suspended cage system in the Paraná River, GeneSeas produces over 8 tons of tilapia annually.

In addition to leading the tilapia industry in Brazil, GeneSeas employs over 300 local residents; they are a company dedicated to their people and their community. This sentiment is greatly reflected in their community outreach program by supporting local non-profit organizations.

To date, 2016 has been a very good year for GeneSeas. They inaugurated a brand new processing plant earlier this year in addition to receiving their BAP certification. GeneSeas’ focus is now on obtaining three-star BAP certification for their hatchery. The highly efficient facility is located directly across the Paraná River where the fish are processed, packed, and shipped all within 60 minutes of harvest. The close proximity between the farm and the plant, along with their unique live transfer process, allow GeneSeas to export some of the freshest, high-quality tilapia on the market.


Tropical Aquaculture Products, Inc. is pleased to announce that our partner, tilapia producer Piscicola New York (PNY) in Neiva, Huila, Colombia, has achieved its Third Star in the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) Program thanks to its newly BAP-certified hatchery.  Piscicola New York has the longest history as a Colombian Tilapia exporter.  It was the first  Colombian Tilapia Producer to become BAP certified, and now is the first Colombian Tilapia exporter to become 3 Star Certified. Piscicola New York will now expand its focus to its feed supplier in order to achieve the 4th Star for its entire production.

While Piscícola New York employs more than 250 people in its rural communities, it does more than just create jobs.  In a region that bordered the so-called ‘distention’ zone, a government demilitarized zone controlled by FARC (the largest guerrilla organization in Colombia), no industry could operate safely.  The impact of the tilapia industry has been invaluable. People from local communities that had to migrate to the cities or hide in fear now have an option to stay and support their families with stable and well-remunerated jobs.  Providing strong community support, Piscícola New York is partly responsible for bringing the lowest unemployment rate in the State of Huila to the Riviera Municipality, one of Huila’s 37 municipalities. Moreover, 50% of the employees at the processing plant are single mothers, who through their work at Piscicola New York, now have the ability to provide for their children and extended families.

Tropical and its producers are committed to providing the highest quality tilapia products. In doing so, we make every effort to ensure that environmental and social responsibilities are not sacrificed in the pursuit of this goal.  BAP Certifications have been an excellent verification that Tropical’s farming and processing partners are meeting the growing demand for seafood in a highly responsible manner.

Tropical Aquaculture Products and its Producers in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico are committed to making a difference, one that is realized by our employees, customers, and consumers for this and future generations.