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A few months after introducing our fresh Icelandic cod program we are having great beginning success.

In order to bring you some of the freshest Icelandic cod in the U.S. market, an expert team of Captains and fishermen are constantly out at sea in the cold, fast moving waters of the North Atlantic to catch Icelandic cod, which is recognized for its beautiful color and superior quality.

Captain Sverrir Gunnalaugsson on board the GULLBERG has had a successful career working as a fisherman since the 60's and as a Captain for the last 4 decades. Today, he is still going strong, leading his crew out to sea to catch delicious Icelandic cod.

Captain Magnus Rikardsson on board the DRANGAVIK is "just" in his fifties and is recognized for his 30 years experience as Captain and for his good success leading crews, like the VSV crew, out to sea for some fresh catch!

VSV's fishing vessels operate with Iceland's fisheries jurisdiction off the Southern Coast of Iceland. These hard working Captains and their fishing crews fish for Atlantic cod in a responsible manner by using trawlers that operate according to international standards for sustainability such as Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and MSC Chain of Custody, which are certified by Global Trust, Ltd.

Icelandic fishing grounds have seasonal openings and closures to maintain a healthy fishery. Icelandic cod grows in areas fully exposed to the strong currents of the Atlantic Ocean, giving the fish a clean, mild flavor and firm texture derived from the fast moving waters off the Icelandic coast.

Along with beautiful color and excellent quality, VSV's fresh catch is received at JFK and BOS for distribution to the North American market.

As with the rest of our products, VSV fresh Icelandic cod is traceable all the way back to its origin (or fishing ground!). Click here for product details.

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