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At Tropical, we are honored to be the exclusive suppliers of fresh Ecuadorian Cobia to the U.S. and support the sustainable cultivation of aquatic products. This fall, get ready to taste a fish with incredible culinary qualities and extraordinary flavor profile!

Ocean Farm S.A. Cobia cultivation is the first mariculture project n Ecuadorian waters and is integrated from hatchery to processing. After seven years of planning and identifying the ideal environment for rearing Cobia, and with the support of the Ecuadorian government, Ocean Farm embarked on their first large scale production in April of this year.

Six-months after stocking the first Cobia open ocean cages in Ecuadorian waters; we are very excited to announce that the first shipments of fresh Cobia are due to commence by mid-September.

Ocean Farm's beachfront hatchery benefits from the continuous flow of pure ocean water. The farm consists of 3 low-density deep water pens situated 9 miles off the Ecuadorian coast in a site chosen for its optimal currents and depths that allow for constant water exchange.

The cages are carefully constructed to prevent escapes and deter predators. The outermost cage-net is made of high-strenght steel wire protected with a coating of high-density polyethylene.

Ocean Farm does not treat the nets with copper, which is a method commonly used to deter algae growth. Their state-of-the-art cleaning methods provide better growing conditions for fish, it is environmentally friendly (eliminating the need for treating nets with antifouling) and provides cleaner cages.

To ensure that each and every fish receive the nutrients it need to develop into a healthy and tasty Cobia; our fish are hand fed on a daily basis. The formulated feed is sourced from sustainable local sources and contains fishmeal, soy meal, corn meal, vitamins and minerals.

Upon harvest, Cobia is immediately transported live to shore, to the OceanFish S.A. processing plant, located near the port of Manta, Ecuador. Upon arrival, OceanFish processes, packs and dispatches the fish, all within 12 hours of harvest. The processing plant carries BRC certification and is fully HACCP compliant.

Meanwhile, here at Tropical we are very excited to team up with Ocean Farm S.A. and are honored to be the first suppliers of Fresh Ecuadorian Cobia from Ecuador's first mariculture farm!

As with the rest of our products, we are committed to effectively distribute fresh Cobia and ensure year-round continuity of quality and supply. Our imports of fresh Cobia will arrive directly from Ecuador to Miami, New York and Los Angeles airports.

Fresh Cobia from Ocean Farm is all natural, free of hormones, colorants, pesticides, antibiotics and other harmful contaminants.

Cobia is a whitefish characterized by its clean, sweet, buttery flavor and a texture that remains moist and firm when cooked. The delicate flavor and culinary versatility of our fresh 5-10 oz. Cobia fillets will make it a perfect retail item for cook-at-home seafood consumers and the perfect gourmet choice of chefs and dine-out consumers.

Cobia not only has a number of culinary capabilities; its nutritional value and unparalleled taste will make fresh Ecuadorian Cobia a great addition to your seafood case and a family favorite!

Fresh Cobia fillets are available for the U.S. market as:

5-10 oz. fillets, pin-bone out, skinless or skin-on.

Shipped in 10 Lbs. cases.

Want to have a taste of this spectacular fish?

Call us today for product details and pricing!

(800) 277-3459


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