Last month, our partner tilapia producer, Piscicola New York (PNY), in Colombia, received Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification at their plant; integrating them into Tropical's 2-star BAP certified production group.

The Global Aquaculture Alliance's BAP standard is a certification system that combines site inspections and effluent sampling with sanitary controls, therapeutic controls and traceability.

Piscicola New York first received BAP certification at the farm level in May of 2010. The farm utilizes a cage system in the Betania Reservoir in the Magdalena River. As part of the BAP program, they constantly monitor water quality at three different stations. Additionally, all aquaculture activity in the reservoir is managed and restricted by the Colombian government.

For the past two years, PNY worked to attain the second star of the BAP standard. 2-star BAP certification is not only a great achievement, but it is proof of our partner's commitment to produce responsible tilapia while maintaining food safety.

At Tropical, our focus is to provide tilapia products certified responsible and sustainable by standards such as the BAP standard. We are sure that by implementing this type of standard throughout our production, it will help to meet the increasing demand for healthy products, cultivated in harmony with the environment and always in a socially responsible manner.