WHAT MAKES IT ORGANIC...? These producers feed their salmon a diet containing only the purest all organic ingredients, free of Genetically Modified Organisms and sourced from local sustainable sources.


Fresh Organic Salmon is available as:

Whole (HOG) In Sizes of: 5-6 kg and 6+ kg

3-4 lbs and 4-5 lbs D-trim fillets


We provide Fresh Organic Salmon year-round!


Currently, we are supplying fresh organic salmon from Vikenco, located in Central Norway. Vikenco is the first fully integrated salmon producer to obtain BAP certification in addition to BRC, GlobalG.A.P. and Debio (Organic production). The Debio standard for aquaculture of Atlantic salmon also covers the EU regulations for organic salmon farming.

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oceanfarm_logoOcean Farm Ltd. is a subsidiary of Gallagher Bros (Fish Merchants) Ltd., based in Killybegs, Co. Donegal. Ocean Farm sea sites and packaging station are both full approved Organic by Global Trust certification agency and SFPA of Ireland. Ocean Farm Ltd. has been rearing salmon in Irish waters since 1985 and is now exclusively producing Irish Organic Salmon.


View Brochure: Irish Organic* Salmon 

* Farmed according to the EU Organic Standards and Certified by Global Trust.