Tropical rainbow trout are farm-raised in a fresh water environment in Panama. We do not use any  chemicals, antibiotics or mammal proteins during production.

We provide our customers and retailers with the following trout products:


  • Available As:
      • Butterfly, Head-On, Pin Bone Out
      • Butterfly, Fillet, Clean Cut (1 piece), 100% Boneless, Head off, Pin Bone Out
      • In Sizes of: 7/9 & 9/11 oz
  • Available As:
      • Fillet, Clean Cut (2 pieces), 100% Boneless
      • In Sizes of: 5/8 & 9/11 oz
  • Available As:
    • Butterfly, Head Off, Tail On, Dorsal On, Boneless
    • In Sizes of: 9/11 oz